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i'm having troubles with my routes.php file, in the past my applcation works fine with the routes like this:

Router::connect( '/imprenta_online/:family/:subfamily/:id/:title/:quantity_id/:description/:days/*',
                array('controller' => 'imprenta_online', 'action' => 'home'),
                array('pass' => array('slug','slug', 'id','slug', 'slug', 'quantity_id', 'slug', 'slug')

but now, the SEO manager needs to remove the controller from the url, i'm trying to do it in the routes.php and, first, this change works for THIS URLS, but all the routes that uses the prefix backend (backend_index, backend_edit...) show me errors on paginate... I'm not "good" whit this, so i'd like to know what can i do???

I need some help to know which changes i need to do, all the others routes works by default with cake routes, so i didn't have to changes them.

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What are the other routes with prefix backend that would be/are broken? This type of URL is headache itself... Without imprenta_online you can have problems if your :family slug is the same as any other controller name. Check out custom Route classes, it might help you to filter out the request before you let it pass further. Or add additional route conditions. –  lp1051 Feb 18 '14 at 21:17
Thanks, i solved it using regex (i need to improve them) to match :familiy. In this way, other parameters can't be matched in ImprentaOnlineController and backend_ works fine :) –  Di36o Feb 19 '14 at 8:35

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