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i have a licesing question regarding ITextSharp.

a. I will not charge for my product. b. I want to distribute my product over the internet with the itextsharp dll in it. c. The users will be able to get the source code of my entire product upon request.

Is it possible to license my application with the Affero license and use the itextsharp version 5 with it ?

Is it necessary to buy a commercial license under these conditions or not ?

Can i use all versions of the ITextSharp dll or can i use it only until a specific version ?

What if i modify the itextsharp dll and provide source code of my changes as well ?

Thank you.

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The full answer to your question is given in a video.

If you create a product using iTextSharp and you distribute your own application as AGPL, then you do not need to buy a commercial license. You need to make your code and the iTextSharp code available on the same medium as the medium used to distribute your application. When you say your users will get the source code "upon request", you are more or less in violation with this rule: just put your code (including the iTextSharp code) online without requiring the users to "request" the code.

If you follow these rules, you can use iTextSharp for free. When do you need to buy a license from us? As soon as you start selling your application under a different license, for instance: people conforming with the AGPL can use your product for free, but other people want to use your product in a commercial business in which case you sell them a license to do so.

Note that the AGPL has a very broad interpretation of "modification". Using iTextSharp without changing any of the original source code is seen as modification. When you modify the actual code, you need to provide those changes. You will do this automatically as you have to publish your code and the iTextSharp code anyway to comply with the AGPL.

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ok thanks got it ! –  user3323361 Feb 18 '14 at 17:23

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