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UIModelPrestationFormSheet in that i've 2textfields in that i want to type somthing in the 2nd textfield but textfield hides behinds the keyboard-->http://i.stack.imgur.com/Chdv3.png while i tap the 2nd textfield the keyboard gets hided>>>http://i.stack.imgur.com/0RR0v.png

2Textfield in formsheet in that 2nd textfield gets hided by keyboard

while i tap the 2nd textfield the keyboard gets hided

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pleas, provide more information, so we can help you. –  Basheer_CAD Feb 18 at 12:32
not able to add image basheer –  arunios Feb 18 at 12:33
use the keyboardNotifications and change the frame of the textfield when the keyboard comes up.. –  Divya Feb 18 at 12:35
Yes Divya but i'm working on orientation also so i've tried a lot did you have some other idea in keyboardnotification –  arunios Feb 18 at 13:30

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check this tutorial from Apple documentations
Look for

Moving Content That Is Located Under the Keyboard

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rally helpfull basheer thank you... –  arunios Feb 18 at 12:40
happy to help @arunios –  Basheer_CAD Feb 18 at 12:42

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