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Have such XML:


Want to select text1 text2 text3 text4 with spaces or CRLF between them. If I select string(/td) it selects text1text2text3text4. If I select string(/td/text()) it selects only text1. How to select all text but with spaces in-between?

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Well the string value of the td element node should be all text including white space, I don't see how you would get solely the letters text1text2text3text4 without any white space with string(td). Can you tell us more details about the XPath engine that you use? –  Martin Honnen Feb 18 at 12:38

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You cannot select string(node-set), because string() will convert the first node from its argument to string only.

Hence you get '\n text1' from string(td/text()).

Just use td/text() and you will get five (!) not four text nodes.

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thank you. solved already. –  archer Feb 18 at 12:40
Hint: Use td/text()[normalize-space()] to get rid of whitespace-only nodes. (normalize-space() collapses whitespace-only to the empty string, and the empty string is false in boolean context) –  Tomalak Feb 18 at 12:41
Thank you. Will do that way. –  archer Feb 18 at 12:41

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