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Hi I have an object new Sword() derived from abstract class Item. Can I somehow use a string property Name or this.GetType().ToString() as identifier to refer to a constant object from another class(static). I wan to refer to a bitmap image provided as System.Drawing.Bitmap object from another static class. Here is code I have:


return HeroesPrototype.mapConsts.Bitmaps.sword;
string Name="sword";
return HeroesPrototype.mapConsts.Bitmaps.<string Name>;    

//More in details:  
abstract class Item:Drawable//class Item will serve as parent for all items(axe,sword, staff etc.) in this case new Sword()
    public string  Name { get; set; }//property that I wish to use for identifier
    Bitmap Drawable.GetSprite()//method from Drawable interface that I wish to inherit for all types of item
        return HeroesPrototype.mapConsts.Bitmaps.<string Name>;//Name="sword" is my object identifier
namespace HeroesPrototype.mapConsts
    public static class Bitmaps
        public static System.Drawing.Bitmap castle = new System.Drawing.Bitmap(Bitmap.FromFile(@"..\..\sprites\mapobj\sword.png"));
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possibly you need GetField and GetValue –  Grundy Feb 18 at 13:06
I can only guess about other code not shown here, but your syntax seems me erroneous. May be, this way: Bitmaps[Name]? –  LoBo Feb 18 at 13:09
I think my syntax is fine since Grundy's answer works great. –  Petar Drianov Feb 18 at 14:24

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if i understand right you need use GetField and GetValue something like this

Bitmap Drawable.GetSprite()
    return (Bitmap)(typeof(HeroesPrototype.mapConsts.Bitmaps)
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Thanks so much your solution works 100%. –  Petar Drianov Feb 18 at 14:25

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