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I have a node express app running behind a proxy, using Apache ProxyPass (configured in httpd.conf):

ProxyPass /nodeapp http://localhost:9009

My application uses Passport to authenticate users, so when I access the base path I should be redirected to the login page:

-- old redirect: http://example.com:9009 --> http://example.com:9009/login

-- new redirect: http://example.com/nodeapp --> http://example.com/nodeapp/login

Unfortunately, the redirect is not working:

-- broken redirect: http://example.com/nodeapp --> http://example.com/login

I have tried to enable proxy configuration in express, but this made no difference:

 app.enable('trust proxy');

** EDIT: ** As suggested by Ethan in the comments below, I can hardcode all my paths to suit the new environment, however this will then break the paths when running on my local machine at root ('/').

I looking for a more centralised solution which can adapt to different runtime environments if possible?

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It looks like you're not redirecting to the right page. Your new app is rooted at /nodeapp, but you're trying to redirect to /login. In Passport, you can provide the successRedirect and failureRedirect paths...you need those to start with /nodeapp. –  Ethan Brown Feb 18 '14 at 17:00
Thanks Ethan, your solution worked for me when using my app on the remote server. However when running the application on my local machine of course the paths are now incorrect. I'm looking for a more centralised solution which can adapt to different runtime environments? –  fabritw Feb 20 '14 at 10:59

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