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I've just uploaded my locally developed app to CloudBees. It works fine: I can load the web pages and it can access the database.

However, I cannot connect to its database (also provided by CloudBees) using MySQL Workbench or the command line tool. It always says

Can't connect to MySQL server on 'ec2-50-19-213-178.compute-1.amazonaws.com' (10060)

Any CloudBees configuration that I might be missing?

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Maybe this can help: developer-blog.cloudbees.com/2013/11/… –  valentina Feb 19 at 16:33

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double check your database connection parameters using SDK : bees db:info -p <databasename> you should be able to connect to DB using mysql workbench and other mysql tools.

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In the MySQL forum exists a collection of links for various types of connections using MySQL Workbench. One is probably especially interesting for you as it deals with Amazon RDS databases. Among others it shows what connection parameters are needed.

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Seems that there were some firewall problems in the corporate router that prevented me from connecting before. I tried at home and it worked.

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