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I want to perform what appears to me as a very simple task. I started a wireless hosted network on Win7 using netsh wlan start hostednetwork... and all was fine. Even the communication could be established with the remote device.

Using arp -a -v I can see the list of IP addresses and found the IP address of my remote device to be 192.168.173.xx.

Now, I just want to discover this address using C++/CLI (.NET 4.5). I never worked with networks but I'm not a beginner with .NET. However, I cannot find anything. All I tried failed to give me the answer. There should be a simple way, no?

The reason why I need that is because the remote device acts as the server so I need to send my requests from my PC to that device's address... That's all.

Someone knows how to perform this operation? Many thanks in advance for your help.

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It seems that I found myself the solution to this question...


Then scan the table this function returns. See this link to MSDN.

It uses Win32 functions rather than C++/CLI but it can be mixed.

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