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Instead of editing the sql-string when i want to change which column to write to i want to use a variable.. This seems to work. I get no error, but the database is not updated... What is wrong with this?

cnxn = pyodbc.connect('DRIVER=FreeTDS;SERVER=dkvmsql08;PORT=1433;DATABASE=dingdong_test;UID=dac\svc-dingdong;PWD=c90346KJHjkhg&%dad742210a3d6fd4436c;T$
cur = cnxn.cursor()

name = Dennis
cur.execute("UPDATE dbo.timestamp  set cur.execute("UPDATE dbo.test  set ?=1 where id=?",name, row.id)
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There's no explicit commit statement in your code and the connect call doesn't include autocommit=True, so try adding cnxn.commit() to the end of your code. :)

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Query parameters can be used to specify the values of columns but not the column names, so you would need to do something like the following:

name = "yourColumnName"
sql = "UPDATE dbo.timestamp SET [" + name + "]=1 WHERE ID=?"
cur.execute(sql, row.id)
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