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I've got a triangulation dt (or perhaps tetrahedralization) of a 3D point cloud and I'd like to find a nice way to extract the triangles from it. Note, I know how to get the tetrahedra, its simply dt.ConnectivityList, is there an efficient way to get the triangles from the tetrahedra? Every triangle should occur only once in the list.

Currently I'am doing the following - it is however painfully slow:

dt = delaunayTriangulation([X Y Z]);
tetrahedra = dt.ConnectivityList;

tris = cell(1, size(tetrahedra, 1)); % contains indices of tris in a tetra
for tt=1:size(tetrahedra, 1)
    vertIds = tetrahedra(tt, :); % vertex indices

    vmask = logical([0 1 1 1]);
    tris{tt} = [vertIds(circshift(vmask, [0 0 0 0]));
                vertIds(circshift(vmask, [1 1 1 1]));
                vertIds(circshift(vmask, [2 2 2 2]));
                vertIds(circshift(vmask, [3 3 3 3]))];

tris = unique(sort(cell2mat(tris'), 2), 'rows');
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Noit that I had a look at any of the functions you used there, but did you try declaring tris as an array instead of a cell array? I've had "interesting" experiences with cells in large loops. –  McMa Feb 18 at 16:18
@McMa Yes, that's one possible optimisation, however, I will still need to sort each line and then remove dupes. –  brtk Feb 18 at 17:39

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