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I have the following post build command in a VS project:

if '$(BuildingInsideVisualStudio)' == 'true' (
    xcopy /Y /R /C "$(TargetPath)" "$(SolutionDir)common\bin"

The problem that I have is that the project is referenced from two separate solutions (meaning that for one it is not valid). My impression was that this should work anyway, because of the /C but that seems to not be the case.

My question is: what are the possibilities for getting around this? Basically, I just want this to work when it works and do nothing when it doesn't.

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Why doesn't it work for both solutions? Are you getting an error? whats the error message? –  Dylan Smith Feb 18 at 17:14
Because the $(SolutionDir) differs –  pm_2 Feb 18 at 17:15
Right, but your using the MSBuild property, so it should copy your files to both solutions dirs. Does this fail for some reason? –  Dylan Smith Feb 18 at 18:07
Yes, the destination directory doesn't exist in one of the solutions –  pm_2 Feb 19 at 7:03

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If $(SolutionDir) does not work for you, your have to use a path relative to $(ProjectDir), like $(ProjectDir)....\common. Another alternative is an environment variable that must be set on a per-machine basis.

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