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I'm just diving into ActiveRecord and have not been able to find an answer to my question. If I am updating an object's attributes and then calling save()... will ActiveRecord save to the DB ONLY when the new values are different from the old values?

Let's say I do something like this:

thing_to_update = Thing.find_or_create_by_code(some_code)
if != some_name 
    thing_to_update.update_attribute(:name, some_name)

I don't want to do extra calls to the db if I don't have to because I will potentially have to update a lot of objects. I tried to read through the docs and it doesn't mention anything about comparing new values with the old ones. Am I missing something here?


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Active Record didn't used to do partial SQL updates, but it has since April 2008.

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ActiveRecord will not update your record if no attributes have changed. You can verify this yourself by calling from the console and observing the log. ActiveRecord will load the record, but it will not attempt to update it.

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