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I need to do a few very simple URL manipulations in Java. Like get the value for a parameter in the query, or update it, ... I was expecting to find a simple utility class doing that in the commons-lang package, but no. I know it is a simple problem, but if there is something already written, why do it again ? Do you know of any ?

I would like to have at least the following capabilities :

String myUrl = "";

// get the value of a parameter
String parameterValue = UrlUtils.getParameterValue(myUrl, "toto");
Assert.equals(parameterValue, "1");

// update a parameter
String newUrl = UrlUtils.updateParameter(myUrl, "toto", 3);
parameterValue = UrlUtils.getParameterValue(myUrl, "toto");
Assert.equals(parameterValue, "3");

Ideally, it would take care of all encoding related issues, and work with as well as with Strings.

Thanks for your help !

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+1 for Toto. And for the question to be relevant five years after asked. Sigh. – user Apr 11 '14 at 13:26
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I think what you want is called a query string parser instead of an url manipulator and here's one:

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Unfortunately, that lib seems to disallow null values. These may be two distinct queries in some apps: ?foo and ?foo=. – phyzome Jul 9 '13 at 13:56

Apache's httpcomponents library has a URL decoder:

Httpcomponents is the successor to commons http client.

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Indeed has released an efficient Java library for query string and number parsing:

(Disclaimer: I am an engineering director at Indeed.)

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Take a look at Commons Http Client. I'm not sure if there are any simple URL-handling classes/methods though.

(It wouldn't make sense for this type of functionality to be in commons-lang anyway - since this isn't really related to the language of Java itself).

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No, there is no query string parser in httpclient. – Vinko Vrsalovic Oct 20 '08 at 14:40
This answer should really be a comment instead. Probably they weren't available in ancient SO. – Xtreme Biker Apr 17 '15 at 7:17

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