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I have a table called private_message with the fields: sender and a receiver

I would like to know how many times a specific sender has send a message to a given person, for instance:

**Name**     **Times**
David        5
Michael      2
John         1
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Are sender and receiver also tables or fields in your private_message table? Just show your tables –  sqlab Feb 18 at 17:41

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Try this:

  sender as 'From',
  receiver as 'To',
  count(receiver) as 'Times'
FROM private_message
GROUP BY sender, receiver

Results can be something like:

From         To         Times
David        Emil           5
Michael      Møller         2
John         Ringgaard      1
Emil         Ravinder       1
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And you did it! - Thank you so much, it works perfectly –  Emil Møller Ringgaard Feb 18 at 17:47

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