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How do I set the id in the input field on bootstrap formhelper plugin.

<label for="daterange" >From</label>
<div class="bfh-datepicker"  data-name="daterange" data-format="m-d-y" data-max="today" data-close="false"> </div>

I have checked the documentation and there is nothing like data-id that could set the id of the input field.

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This is straight-forward:

<div class="bfh-datepicker" id="mydatepicker">

Event handler:

$('#mydatepicker').on('change.bfhdatepicker', function(e) {
  alert('Date changed: ' + $('#mydatepicker').val());
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That was not my question. I want an id for the input field that it generates so that i can target it and use event handlers. –  Bazinga777 Feb 18 at 17:56
I tried your method before and it didn't generate any id for the input field. –  Bazinga777 Feb 18 at 17:59
What do you mean by "generate any id for the input field"?? You specify the id, and then write the event handlers for that particular id. –  Andrejs Cainikovs Feb 18 at 18:03
when you use $('#mydatepicker').bfhdatepicker('toggle'); it generates a list of tags including the input field which stores the date values from the date-picker. This input field doesn't have any id associated with it. I want to be able to create an id for this field. –  Bazinga777 Feb 18 at 18:08
This particular field <input type="text" name="daterange" class="form-control" placeholder="" readonly=""> –  Bazinga777 Feb 18 at 18:09

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