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I am trying to write word count program in Scala. I'm using a string "file" :

file.map( _.split(" ")).flatMap(word => (word, 1)).reduceByKey( _ + _ )

It is keep saying that:

value split is not a member of Char

Can't figure out how to solve it!

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Why are you using .map with .split instead of .split directly? Map operates on the individual characters of the String. –  Myserious Dan Feb 18 at 18:16

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When you call map on a String it is wrapped with WrappedString which extends AbstractSeq[Char]. Therefore, when you call map it is as if you are doing so on a Seq of Char not a Seq of String.

See the link below for the code https://github.com/scala/scala/blob/v2.10.2/src/library/scala/collection/immutable/WrappedString.scala

The code below splits by whitespace and returns the size, a word counter.

val file = "Some test data"

To get a count of the number of times each word in the string appears.

val file = "Some test data test"
println(file.split("\\s+").toList.groupBy(w => w).mapValues(_.length))
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Thank you so much that helped me but now I want to reduceByKey! and it gives me error which says : reduceByKey is not a member of scala.collection.immutable.Map[String, Int] .I added : .reduceByKey( _ + _ ) –  Brigitte Feb 18 at 22:02
The reason you get that error is because there is no such method. See scala-lang.org/api/2.10.2/… for reference. –  Dave Swartz Feb 19 at 1:01
Thanks Dave. I am running my program on spark using spark context. when I put it there I don't have any errors anymore but I need to figure out why the data is incorrect! –  Brigitte Feb 19 at 1:09
That clarifies things. I see the Spark homepage has your example. Good luck. –  Dave Swartz Feb 19 at 3:08

I found out that the code is perfect! Just because I was running it on Spark, the answer was kept in lazy RDD file that I needed to collect it somehow. Therefore, I saved it to a text file and problem solved! Here is the code:

file.flatMap(line=>line.split(" ")).map(w=>(w,1)).reduceByKey(+).saveAsTextFile("OUT.txt")


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