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First time poster and a Freemarker novice. I'm hoping someone can assist on this. I am currently referencing data from a 1-to-many table using the <#data> directive. I want to sort the results in a particular field order, but I think that can only be done by the <#list> directive. Here's what I have so far:

There's a CART_ABANDONMENT table with the following fields:


<#data CART_ABANDONMENT as abandonment><br>
${abandonment.PRODUCT_NAME} ${abandonment.PRODUCT_PRICE}<br>

What I want to do is to list all related results (by CUSTOMER_ID_) and sort them by PRODUCT_PRICE, descending.

It may be something simple, but I haven't been able to find the answer.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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It doesn't look like FreeMarker... there's no #data, #field etc. there. –  ddekany Feb 19 at 21:40
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Freemarker is powerful tool tool but it's just template engine.
It has the sort directive for list, but it can be applied only to built-in types: String, Number and Date.
You may convert list of you complex type to one or more lists of built-in types and use ?sort in template.
Another way is to pass already sorted(as you want) list to template before processing.

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What you want sounds like something that should be solved on the database (SQL) level, especially where you say "list all related results (by CUSTOMER_ID_)". FreeMarker is only the V (for View) in MVC.

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