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I have a big problem, and that is my problem in all my applications.

My problem is:

In any of my applications, i got used the "System.IO.StreamWriter" or "System.IO.StreamRead" code, for example:

Dim WriterDay6 As New System.IO.StreamWriter("C:\Users\IOSEagle\Desktop\My Projects\Microsoft Visual Basic 2010\Form\Programs\MyAlarm\MyAlarm\RepeatDays\Saturday.txt")

But this path does not exist in another computers.

So, any one help me please?

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Take a look at the Environment.SpecialFolder enumeration. This lists out various folders you can use, like the Desktop, Application Data, and My Documents folders.

In VB.Net, you can also look at My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.

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Thanks for your help. –  Mousa Alfhaily Feb 18 at 19:14

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