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I have a project and using Stylus for my css.

For reasons I don't want to go into right now, I want to switch to LessCSS.

I'd like to keep the file structure (imports and all), and also keep the color values what they are (hsl, hsla, rgb, etc) and not have them all convert to #hex.

I'd also like to keep any variables and macros I've defined ..

Of course, I prefer not to do it manually!!

How can I achieve that?

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Lessify and css2less.cc won't be of any help as variables, imports and colors are lost, alas. Do you still have braces around block rules? Fluency in regexp and rewriting the reverse of this script gist.github.com/MoOx/3490671 may help you –  FelipeAls Feb 18 at 19:11
@ScottS The question is not about choosing a particular library. Anyway I rephrased the question, better now? –  hasenj Feb 20 at 19:25
It was the finding of a "tool" not "library" that made me post the link. But your edit has removed that specific request. Thanks. –  ScottS Feb 20 at 19:32
FWIW I think these silly rules are why SO is not so useful anymore. –  hasenj Feb 20 at 21:16

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