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Using the ClearCase find command, how do I find all files in a directory that do not have the name pom.xml?

I'd like to pass other selection options to the ClearCase find command so I'd prefer not to execute another command.

I am using a RedHat linux version of ClearCase. I have tried "cleartool find ! -name pom.xml -print" and that does not work.

PS: I do not use ClearCase by choice, it's mandated on my project. This is one of the reasons I hate it. I've read the man pages several times and see no clear way to do this that works!

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Found a one-line command that do just what you need. See below – VonC Oct 22 '08 at 7:35
You are back! :-) And from the 'tick' on my answer, this "one-liner" has done the trick. Cool. – VonC Oct 30 '08 at 15:40
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You seem to forget the -exec option of the cleartool find command.

It actually does allow you to execute other commands than cleartool ones, including system ones (like a sh or DOS script).

I know you would "prefer not to execute another command", but if that other system script is part of the exec option of a find command... it can be argued it is still one command ;)

So create a simple script like:

(Unix '')

if [ $1 != $2 ] ; then
  echo $1

(windows 'print.bat')

@echo off
if not "%1"=="%2" echo "%1"

Put that script either in your search directory, or add the script path to your %PATH% or $PATH environment.

And finally, use the find command (with all the other options regarding date filtering, branch filtering and so on)


cleartool find . -nrec -type f -exec './ $CLEARCASE_PN ./pom.xml'


cleartool find . -nrec -type f -exec "print.bat %CLEARCASE_PN% .\pom.xml"

And here you go: "all files in a directory that do not have the name pom.xml".

Note: the '-type f' option of the find command allows you to restrict the search to file names only (not directory names).

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That's fine, except for cases when we're talking about cleartool evaluating thousands of files (in my case, tens of thousands) of files withing a certain directory. I want cleartool to not even look at a particular directory. If I have it evaluate everything and then omit it later with another command, after cleartool is done searching everything, it will take a lot longer to complete. – searchengine27 Mar 3 at 16:51

ClearCase wildcards doesn't have inversion (AFAIR) but you can use grep for this -

cleartool ls -short -nxname | grep -v pom.xml
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I don't think that was the xml name the OP was using ;-) – Tanktalus Oct 20 '08 at 19:06

There is another solution which might work for you. Try

ccapply task

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