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We're trying to split up a string of multiple words into an array of individual words. We want to capitalize each individual string within the array.

var titleCase = function(txt) {
  var words = txt.split(" ");
  words.forEach(function(words) {
  if (words === "the" || words === "and") { 
    return words; 
  } else  {
    return words.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + words.slice(1);
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Elaborate. Specifically, what isn't working correctly? –  DesertIvy Feb 18 '14 at 20:00
Please mark the response that works for you as the answer by clicking the check mark next to the response. –  Will P. Feb 18 '14 at 22:17

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There are several syntax errors, and incorrect usage of the Array.forEach method here. Try the following:

var titleCase = function(txt) {
  var words = txt.split(" ");
  words.forEach(function(word, idx, array) {
    if (word === "the" || word === "and") { 
      array[idx] = word; 
    } else  {
      array[idx] = word.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + word.slice(1);
  return words.join(" ");

console.log(titleCase("This is the test"));

JSFiddle example

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Thanks! that did work. But what exactly does the idx do? –  Benjamin Dunphy Feb 18 '14 at 20:10
Glad to help. The idx variable is the index of the current item in the array. Please mark as answer if it works for you, thanks. –  Will P. Feb 18 '14 at 20:11

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