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I have a library with legacy code that causes a deadlock in a Silverlight application. What makes it harder to investigate is that it's only Silverlight app that fails. When used in WPF or Windows Store application, the same code runs fine (this a portable class library, so it can be used in different platforms).

Silverlight debugging is much slower and time-consuming than debugging desktop applications or unit tests. So I wonder if there's a technique to simulate Silverlight threading environment without SL runtime, so it will be possible to reproduce concurrency issues.

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This is not like the windows phone which has an emulator or a live connection. SL as you know is the live connection; hence there is no emulator. Since this occurs as a deadlock and only on one system, the SL system, then the code interaction of the portable library with SL is the problem.

It would be best to further isolate (buffer) any interactions with the UI from the library to lesson any deadlock situations.

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When I ask about simulation in the context of SL, I only mean simulating (or mocking) its threading model in order to reproduce code deadlocks. I was hoping to be able to write a test where the code deadlocked in the same manner. – Vagif Abilov Feb 19 '14 at 6:10

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