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I have a page on a jQuery mobile app that has a tabs widget like so:

<div data-role="tabs" id="dashboard-tabs">
    <div data-role="navbar">
            <li><a href="#tab-events" data-ajax="false" class="ui-icon-calendar ui-btn-icon-left">Upcoming Events</a></li>
            <li><a href="#tab-news" data-ajax="false" class="ui-icon-info ui-btn-icon-left">Latest News</a></li>
    <div id="tab-events">
    <div id="tab-news">

When I load the page containing this markup directly in the browser, everything works fine.

However, if I navigate to this page from another, things get weird. The entire page is loaded a second time and inserted in a new div just after the closing </ul> in the original markup. Looks like this is just done for the default tab.

I'm thinking jQuery mobile is doing something weird with the way it's initializing the tabs widget when the page containing it is loaded via AJAX vs a full browser page load. I just can't figure out why or what is causing it!

Edit: I've placed a bounty on this. I forgot to mention that I'm using jQuery 1.11, and jQuery Mobile 1.4.1. The reason I have jQuery UI tagged is because jQuery Mobile apparently has taken the tabs widget directly from there, unaltered.

I log when pageinit and pageshow are called. When I click a link to the page containing the tabs, each event is fired twice, one at a time. The second pageinit and pageshow are executed from JS that was dynamically inserted into the page from jQM, and not from the original JS that loaded with the first app load. Whatever is happening here is causing the entire page to be reloaded and inserted into the DOM, with all the JS being executed a second time.

Edit 2: Note that this is happening without any of my own custom JavaScript. Earlier I was just binding to pageinit and pageshow so I could log when they were fired, that's it. Also, the content within the tabs seems irrelevant as well. Just making the tab panes blank for instance does not fix it.

Edit 3: Here is a link that demonstrates the problem. I've since removed the link that demo's the problem, since it was hosted on my personal site and I confirmed it was a bug.

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There is no custom JavaScript at all. It's just a basic jQuery Mobile page that I navigate to. –  Brian Feb 18 at 21:08
are you including any js libraries in external pages you intend to show as a tab? –  Omar Feb 19 at 0:15
No, two tabs that are loaded contain just regular content. The problem persists even when removing all content from the tabs. –  Brian Feb 19 at 14:13
Do you have any error in console ? –  Brewal Feb 21 at 15:18
No, no errors. Added some additional details above. –  Brian Feb 21 at 15:35

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Ok, after discussing more on the jQuery Mobile forums, I opened an issue on github and it looks like it's a confirmed issue with how Tabs treats local links.

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