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I've just tried to test a bit of JS that's supposed to fire on page load after a turbolink is clicked. Although I have verified it works in Chrome, Phantomjs doesn't seem to work and appears to be using normal links. I saw that some browsers don't support the HTML5 history API properly yet, but surely Phantomjs, being based on Webkit, should not be one of them?

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Here is an old issue in the system regarding it. Does that still apply? –  creativereason Feb 18 at 22:23
@creativereason: Took me a minute to find the link in your comment :) –  echristopherson Feb 18 at 23:16
Sorry, should have linked a longer amount of the text than it :) –  creativereason Feb 18 at 23:36
There seems to be an older version of webkit in use that does not yet support the history api fully. 2.0 might do. github.com/ariya/phantomjs/issues/11100 –  Matt Gibson Feb 19 at 15:37

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