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I have a form ('#registrations') that I am validating with Parsley.js and so far it is working fine. However, I am trying to dynamically remove form fields and add new ones to Parsley validation, depending on what someone selects in a select drop down ('#manufacturer').

Here is my markup:

<select name="manufacturer" id="manufacturer" parsley-required="true" data-error-message="Please select a manufacturer.">

    <option value="apple">Apple</option>

    <option value="blackberry">Blackberry</option>

    <option value="htc">HTC</option>

    <option value="huawei">Huawei</option>

    <option value="lg">LG</option>

    <option value="motorola">Motorola</option>

    <option value="nokia">Nokia</option>

    <option value="samsung">Samsung</option>

    <option value="sony">Sony</option>

    <option value="sony-ericsson">Sony Ericsson</option>


Here is my JS:

//init parsley

$('#manufacturer').change(function() {

        //define selected value
        var manufacturer = $(this).val();

        //destroy parsley

        //remove all models selects from parsley validation
        //if someone has previously selected a different manufacturer
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#apple-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#blackberry-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#htc-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#huawei-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#lg-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#motorola-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#nokia-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#samsung-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#sony-models');
        $('#registrations').parsley('removeItem', '#sony-ericsson-models');

        //add corresponding models select to parsely
        $('#registrations').parsley('addItem', '#'+manufacturer+'-models');

        //reinit parsley


This isn't working but I don't know why.

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Is it necessary to destroy and reinitialize parsley when adding or removing items? –  Michael Lynch Feb 28 '14 at 16:58

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Once the new field has been added to Parsley, you need to add the required constraint to that field.

//add corresponding models select to parsely
$('#registrations').parsley('addItem', '#'+manufacturer+'-models');

//add required constraint 
$('#'+manufacturer+'-models').parsley('addConstraint', {
    required: true 

Update (April 10, 2014)

The above works for Parsley.js 1.x but not for Parsley 2.x.

Parsley 2.x doesn't use addItem, removeItem, addConstraint, or removeConstraint.

Instead, Parsley 2.x will automatically detect changes in your form based on the data attributes each input has. In the above example, if you wanted to add a new item to Parsley, you would do the following:

//destroy parsley

//set required attribute on input to true
$('input').attr('data-parsley-required', 'true');

//reinitialize parsley

Likewise, if you wanted to remove an item from Parsley, you would do:

//destroy parsley

//set required attribute on input to false
$('input').attr('data-parsley-required', 'false');

//reinitialize parsley
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THANK YOU SO MUCH! –  Lane Jul 18 '14 at 18:13
and if I want to remove other types of validations? –  a77icu5 Aug 6 '14 at 17:26
great answer. thanks! –  user1261774 Aug 16 '14 at 6:43
can't you just do a reset() instead of destroy and reinit? > reset() #2.0 Reset UI for this form and for its fields. –  KrunchMuffin Sep 30 '14 at 19:49
@KrunchMuffin: I haven't tried it, but I suspect reset() simply resets (removes) any visible error messages etc. ie, the "UI", rather than internal record of what requires validation. –  Phil Gyford Dec 18 '14 at 16:00

I had this issue while working with validates-if-empty set to true. Simply setting this to false didn't have any effect. I had to actually remove the attributes. On validation parley automatically detected the changes.

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