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In my website, when I scroll down, the footer goes up from other object, this is really annoying, any fix?

What happens: http://prntscr.com/2trf28

#end {
font-family:calibri, arial;

CSS code: http://prntscr.com/2trgsk

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You are supposed to add the code in here. –  xpy Feb 18 at 23:08

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Change position:absolute; to position:fixed;

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prntscr.com/2trmj1 - Now the footer lies on the object –  user3306761 Feb 18 at 23:24
You probably have to tweek the bottom position / margin. I really can't tell you without seeing an example / code. Maybe try to reproduce in a jsFiddle. –  Kris Hollenbeck Feb 19 at 1:14
You might also need to add some padding to the bottom of your container to keep the content from flowing behind the footer. –  Kris Hollenbeck Feb 19 at 15:14

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