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I want to add my blogger DNS into Uni.me configuration to migrate to refinerypedia.uni.me. At the same time I want to add Cloudflare Nameservers to activate their services.The problem here is that Uni.me don't allow to use DNS and Nameservers at the same time but I must activate the two options. It gives me that error

You have 2 options activated!
Your setup has errors and your domain will not display/resolve correctly.
How to solve?
Make sure you have only activated either URL, Nameserver or Zone Records.
Delete one of the currently two activated options in order to avoid possible conflicts.

Please help me

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CloudFlare can only work with top-level domains (refinerypedia.me) when you add them to our service. That is technically a subdomain of uni.me & we wouldn't let you to add it (our service would try to add uni.me).

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Actually, our system let you add the domain like that for some reason. Strange. –  damoncloudflare Feb 19 at 0:28
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