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I'm following Michael Hartl's Rails 4.0 tutorial and he suggests changing the input of the .gitignore file. Where is it located on a mac?

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create one if it is not existing i.e touch .gitignore from your rails app folder –  bjhaid Feb 19 at 0:33

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In the root of the rails application.

cd /path/to/rails/app
ls -alF

You should see .gitignore along with the default application files.

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Ok I see it but how do I open it @Ken? –  user2469211 Feb 19 at 0:41
On a mac open .gitignore will open the file in your default text editor. –  Ken Feb 19 at 0:44
Got it thank you! –  user2469211 Feb 19 at 0:47

You should have an application .gitignore file located in your Rails app's application folder. I can see it here in Sublime Text, for example.

I can see it here in Sublime Text, for example.

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I would like to know how you got that sexy Sublime Text skin :P –  maltray Feb 19 at 4:39
@maltray That's the Solarized theme, installable from Package Control. –  philnash Feb 19 at 11:36

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