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I am trying to use jruby + page-object gem + Cucumber for a proof of concept. I used the following statement.

app_url = 'https:\\google.com'

I get a

NoMethodError: undefined method `page_url' for #



works fine. page_url works fine in Ruby.

Is this the way this works in jRuby? Though navigate_to works, is this any different? Thank you for your help!

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It seems strange that you are comparing page_url with navigate_to since their usage is very different. Are you sure you are using them in the same context for Ruby vs JRuby? –  Justin Ko Feb 19 at 13:53

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page_url is a class method provided by including the PageObject module. It sets the url for the page so you can use the visit_page factory in your test:

object MyPage
  include PageObject
  page_url "http://example.com/"

In a test somewhere:

visit_page MyPage do |page|

navigate_to is browser functionality exposed directly in your test via some World magic.

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