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My app has Node JS. I'm trying to connect NodeJS and Neo4j together. Can some one tell me, how to connect both? My queries need to work with labels on Neo4j. Please let me know which module should I use in Node Js to achieve this?I have spent lot of time already with-out luck.

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Last I checked there are at least 4 popular and actively developed node.js modules (ordered by number of stars):

They all support the Cypher endpoint, which was a requirement for my inclusion. One key feature that stands out from the list is that philippkueng/node-neo4j is the only one that has transactional API support. Another is the ability to ask for labels of nodes, and that is supported only by seraph and philippkueng/node-neo4j. (usually you can avoid needing to ask for labels of a node if you make your Cypher query ask for labels explicitly, which avoids a request back and forth)

On the other hand, it's really not hard to just implement a few HTTP requests, directly accessing the Cypher or Transactional Cypher endpoints, massaging the results as you see fit for your application.

Another cool new development I've seen recently was https://github.com/brian-gates/cypher-stream, which emits a stream of results from Cypher, enabling streaming JSON parsing, which is another performance-oriented feature lacking from the four listed above.

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A simple thing achieving this is: jexp.de/blog/2014/02/… –  Michael Hunger Feb 19 '14 at 7:24

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