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I'm trying to open a .txt file from a program in my bin directory but I'm not sure what search path it uses to find folders. I'm using fopen in my program to open these files. I've tried several paths but it doesn't seem to work:

char path[80] = "../Users/MyName/Desktop/Folder/";
char path[80] = "Users/MyName/Desktop/Folder/";
char path[80] = "Folder/";
char path[80] = "";

Any help would be appreciated

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use absolute path:char path[80] = "/Users/MyName/Desktop/Folder/", or use getcwd to get current working directory, then use relative path, or use chdir to change working directory to the directory you want to access, then open the file.

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That helped. Thanks – Dante Hoyte Feb 19 '14 at 1:45

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