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Hello I have a model class MeetAppFacebookEvent generate using GAE endpoints.

I want to pass this Model to another activity using intent.putExtra so I make MeetAppFacebookEvent Serializable.

However when I try to getSerializableExtra() I got the following error:

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to com.appspot.sonorous_zone_440.meet_app.model.MeetAppFacebookEvent

Searching around I found the cause of the problem. Now I'm trying to pass the data as a JSON String, using:

new Gson().toJson(event)


new Gson().fromJson(json, MeetAppFacebookEvent.class)

When decoding the JSON String I got this error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid value for field:

The JSON look fine for me:

   "description":"ALTERAÇÕES NO EVENTO:\n\nComo a maioria tem compromissos na quinta de manhã, vamos alterar o evento para sexta-feira, dia 21, no Amsterdam Pubbh\n\nVai ter Seu Madruga AC/DC Cover e Banda Charlie\n\nFavor enviar nome na lista no evento da Amsterdam:\n21/02.SEXTA ✭ Amsterdam Pub ✭ SEU MADRUGA (AC/DC Cover) \u0026 CHARLIE (RHCP Cover)\n\n\nValores:\nFEMININO\nENTRADA: R$20,00\nDESCONTO com nome na LISTA: R$10,00 (válido até 00 horas)\n\nMASCULINO\nENTRADA: R$30,00\nDESCONTO com nome na LISTA: R$20,00 (válido até 00 horas)\n\nPromoção da casa: Double Jägermeister!\n\nÉ isso aê! Espero todo mundo lá \u003dD\nLet\u0027s Rock!!!",
   "name":"Let\u0027s Rock! Aniversário do Alyson 2.3.12",

Can someone point me a good way to overcome this problem ?

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The JSON document is invalid. Try logging it before decoding.

Edit: The JSON document looks fine. The "id" value would overflow a 32 bit integer though, please check that it goes to a long integer.

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Already done that, it seems fine for me. I Will update my answer with the JSON –  Guilherme Torres Castro Feb 19 '14 at 12:27

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