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I'm using jQuery.pageless (for infinite scrolling) on my rails app. (https://github.com/jney/jquery.pageless)

Everything works great except when using turbolinks. When using turbolinks, it just defaults to basic will_paginate look. Anything I can change to get this working properly with Turbolinks?

here are a few files


@users = @user.followed_users.paginate(:per_page => 10, :page => params[:page])
if request.xhr?
  render :partial => @users

application helper:

def pageless(total_pages, url=nil, container=nil)
  opts = {
    :totalPages => total_pages,
    :url        => url,
    :loaderImage => image_path("load.gif")

  container && opts[:container] ||= container



<%= render(:partial => "user", :collection => @users) %>
<%= will_paginate(@users) %>
<%= pageless(@users.total_pages, user_followers_path(@user)) %>

and this is the JS file used: https://github.com/jney/jquery.pageless/blob/master/lib/jquery.pageless.js

I know many people have problems with some JavaScript libraries and Turbolinks and I need to find a workaround to get these JS libraries, like jQuery.pageless, to work with Turbolinks...


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For me the jqplot started to behave strangely. When I introduced turbolinks. So All the Js need to be reviewed carefully. –  Boti Apr 6 '14 at 14:09
Justin I tried the whole thing on a real customer project and it works well... That means that something is missing. Could you provide the javascript console log please? Maybe there are errors in it. –  Boti Apr 9 '14 at 21:01

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Unfortunately pageless cant be used with turbolinks now. I've patched it to make it work and I'm going to create a pull request later.


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Here's a blog post about how to set that up http://www.webbyexpert.com/using-jquery-pageless-with-turbolinks/

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