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As I checked on how plot spider chart, I saw that spider chart can plot using data from local file, csv for example.
However, in my case I want to use data that I get from a database for plotting. After that, I need to build a jar file for using in iReport Designer andJasperserver.
I mean plot in iReport Designer and Jasperserver as well.

How should I go about doing this?

This is the code I have so far:

public static BufferedImage Spider(String strGNUPLOT) throws IOException{
    Process p = new ProcessBuilder(strGNUPLOT, "-").start();
    PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(new BufferedWriter(
    new OutputStreamWriter(p.getOutputStream())));
    BufferedInputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(p.getInputStream());

    out.println("unset border");
    out.println("set polar");
    out.println("set angles degrees");

    out.println("set style line 10 lt 1 lc 0 lw 0.3");
    out.println("set datafile separator ','");

    out.println("set grid polar 60");
    out.println("set grid ls 10");

    out.println("set xrange [-6000:6000]");
    out.println("set yrange [-6000:6000]");

    out.println("set xtics axis");
    out.println("set ytics axis");

    out.println("set xtics scale 0");
    out.println("set ytics 0, 1000, 6000");

    out.println("set size square"); 

    out.println("set key lmargin");

    out.println("eval set_label(0, '0')");
    out.println("eval set_label(60, '60')");
    out.println("eval set_label(120, '120')");
    out.println("eval set_label(180, '180')");
    out.println("eval set_label(240, '240')");
    out.println("eval set_label(300, '300')");

    out.println("set style line 11 lt 1 lw 2 pt 2 ps 2");
    out.println("set terminal png");
    out.println("plot '~/tbproduct.csv' u 1:2 t 'Max strain' w lp ls 11, '' u 1:3 t 'Min strain' w lp ls 12");
    out.println("set output");
    out.close(); // flush and close stdout
    return ImageIO.read(in);
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