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I am trying to move my page(scroll) in between two divs. So the first part of the page is one div with the class of .mainpic

When the page loads only a picture appears centered, kind of like the "intro" to the site.When the user scrolls, I offset it to the other div, which is 100% from the top (so it doesn't show as soon as you load the page).

So I had this code:

 $('html,body').animate( { scrollTop : $(".menu").offset().top }, 'slow', function()        

This causes the body to scroll to this (".menu")div upon mouse wheel. I wish to do this between both divs. Like for example after scrolling to .menu, I want the next mousewheel move me back to .mainpic How can I accomplish this? I tried this but it didn't work:

     $('html,body').animate( { scrollTop : $(".menu").offset().top }, 'slow', function()   
        if ($(".menu").offset().top) {
                if ((window).scroll(function)) {
                    $('html,body').animate( { scrollTop :   
$(".menu").offset().top }, 'slow', function(){});


If you can please help, I would really like to learn this. Thanks !

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