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I am currently trying to create a localized accessibilityLabel in the storyboard (I am trying to avoid doing it programatically). It seems that whenever I use the Localized String option, the accessibilityLabels ends up being set to the localized string key that I have provided rather than the string itself. Does anyone have the solution to this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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possible duplicate of Localize a view within a storyboard using "User Defined Runtime Attributes" (which concluded that this is a carryover from OS X and not supported on iOS). –  Justin Feb 19 at 15:38
I was really hoping that someone would have some more insight into this issue after all this time. I have read this topic and I was really hoping that that wasn't the case. –  user1927638 Mar 1 at 23:44
Note that you can still localize whole Interface Builder files like any other resource. –  Justin Mar 2 at 22:43
I'm relatively new to iOS development, but is the storyboard file considered an IB file? –  user1927638 Mar 3 at 3:02
Ah, in this case, you'll want to enable Use Base Internationalization and then create a strings file for each localization. –  Justin Mar 3 at 16:14

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I guess you expect the localized string to be taken from Localizable.strings. The "Localized String" type doesn't work this way, it's just a marker to indicate that the value of the user defined runtime attribute will participate in the localization process when you use base localization. Please take a look at http://stackoverflow.com/a/24527990/2876231 for a lengthier explanation.

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