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Using VS2013, I'm unable to update Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages and continue getting the following error:

 Updating 'Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages 2.0.20710.0' to
 'Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages 3.1.1' failed. Unable to find a version of
 'microsoft-web-helpers' that is compatible with
 'Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages 3.1.1'.

I have tried un/installing WebApi 2, OData, etc... still see this.


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Does Update All helps somehow ? –  Ofiris Feb 19 '14 at 6:23

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In reviewing the Microsoft's MVC upgrade steps, through the package manager console, I manually uninstalled Microsoft-Web-Helpers (there seemed to be an issue in updating this, then Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages. Manually installed the 3.1.1 version of Microsoft-Web-Helpers, then Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages... all good.

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I was running into the same problem trying to apply updates to MVC 3 in VS 2012. I Followed #ELHaix suggestions which would get me past the original problem but would then result in another error when I would try to run the upgraded project.

 Attempt by security transparent method 
 'System.Web.Mvc.PreApplicationStartCode.Start()' to access security critical 
 method 'System.Web.WebPages.PreApplicationStartCode.Start()' failed. 

In researching and trying to resolve this problem I found a NuGet package that would upgrade from V3 to V4 and take care of all the problems. The following command in the NuGet Package Manager Console took care of the upgrade for me.

Install-Package UpgradeMvc3ToMvc4

Here's where I found the reference to the package: UpgradeMvc3ToMvc4 NuGetPackage

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