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I have to debug something in my Qt application but the stack shows instructions that are not part of my code and I have 3 threads (including main) running. What is the best way to debug this? DO I need squish? Would you be able to help if I pasted the stacks?

Here is the stack trace of the thread that seems to be in fault:

0 raise /lib/ 0
1 abort /lib/ 0
2 ?? /lib/ 0
3 ?? /lib/ 0
4 free /lib/ 0
5 ?? /lib/ 0
6 tzset /lib/ 0
7 QTime::currentTime() /usr/lib/ 0
8 FPSengine::xmitData FPSengine2.cpp 93
9 FPSengine::getData FPSengine2.cpp 21
10 threadDatalog::run threaddatalog.cpp 109 11 ?? /usr/lib/ 0
12 start_thread /lib/ 0
13 clone /lib/ 0
14 ?? 0

The abort indicates there was an exception and it seems to always have something to do with calling QTime::currentTime() (which calls tzset). Also the problem is always from a thread made with QtConcurrent::run(). This never happens with the main thread or any of the QThreads.

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Qt Creator provides a front end to gdb in addition to other IDE features. – Corey D Feb 2 '10 at 20:01
First of all, what is the bug that you're trying to solve? – rpg Feb 3 '10 at 14:43
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For debugging, I always find excessive print statements, and a lot of coffee and patience help the best.

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