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Why does this not work in IE8?

var accordion = $(this),
    header = accordion.find(':header')[0],
    titleHTML = header.outerHTML,
    innerHTML = accordion.html().replace(titleHTML, '');

The header variable is populated, but .replace() does not find the string of HTML. It works in Chrome, FF etc but IE8 does not want to play.

I tried removing the element before building the innerHTML variable but that introduced more problems further down the execution path.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


The rewrite worked with a bit of massage.

var accordion = $(this),
    header = accordion.find(':header').first(),
    titleHTML = header.prop('tagName'),
    titleLabel = header.text();


var innerHTML = accordion.html();

Essentially the two main changes were to getting the first element with [0] was a bit flaky and indeed removing the element first was the way to go.

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jQuery version? –  Vijayakumar Selvaraj Feb 19 at 5:02
What is :header supposed to target? Is there such a pseudo selector! –  adeneo Feb 19 at 5:03
@adeneo see header-selector –  Arun P Johny Feb 19 at 5:04
There is api.jquery.com/header-selector It is working to populate the 'header` var. –  Niels Feb 19 at 5:05
@ArunPJohny - There it is, didn't bother searching, but I don't think I've ever seen that used before, and it was added in 1.2 ? –  adeneo Feb 19 at 5:06

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Try this


It seems that's basically what you're doing, find any header elements, get the native DOM node of the first one, then getting the outerHTML, and replacing it in this, trying to remove it, and it seems like a strange way to do it.

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Yeah going to rewrite this now. I didn't write the original js, just trying to debug it. Thanks for your answer :-) –  Niels Feb 19 at 5:21

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