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I'm trying to use case insensitive query with pattern match in neo4j 1.9.5 for suggested search in my web application

start n=node(*) 
MATCH n-[Lives]->m
WHERE m.City_Name='Belgium' and n.First_Name =~ '(?i)p.*' return n

but it gives following error: Ljava.lang.String; cannot be cast to java.lang.String [exception] => ClassCastException

how to solve this issue? Is it possible in neo4j 2.0? Is their any option/pattern for doing this kind of stuff? Thank you.

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One of your two properties is an array and not a string.

Also you probably want to lookup the city from an index.

in Neo4j 2.0

create index on :City(City_Name);

MATCH n-[Lives]->(m:City)
WHERE m.City_Name='Belgium' and n.First_Name =~ '(?i)p.*' return n

with node_auto_index in Neo4j 1.9

configure the auto-index in neo4j.properties and add City_Name to the list of indexed fields. Then use:

START m=node:node_auto_index(City_Name="Belgium")
MATCH n-[Lives]->(m)
WHERE n.First_Name =~ '(?i)p.*'
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Thanks, tried upgrading to Neo4j 2.0 but problem while accessing data from Neo4j 1.9.5 to Neo4j 2.0 gives following error: Starting Neo4j Server failed: Error starting org.neo4j.kernel.EmbeddedGraphDatabase. –  user2725064 Feb 21 '14 at 5:23

You can do it case sensitive

match (m:person) where m.username=~'.*amruta_rao@gmail.com.*' and m.is_active=True return m

and insensitive with

match (m:person) where m.username=~'(?i).*amrutA_rao@gmail.com.*' and m.is_active=True return m
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