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I am working on some research and would like to edit some of the source code in the libstdc++ library for experimentation. I am, specifically, interested in experimenting with the parallel sorting algorithms. Is there a place I can find documentation to easily edit and build the source code?

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to build various versions of the libstdc++ library. It seems like most new versions require building the entire gcc package, which is a much more lengthy process, especially if I am going to be editing and experimenting with a few files in libstdc++.

I have also been unable to find the source files that contain the parallel sorting algorithms. I can only seem to find the header files that define the functions, and not the source code itself. Any advice or links to documentation would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the vague question.

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Yes, you have to build the whole of GCC, but once you've done that you only need to rebuild the libstdc++ part.

Building GCC is described at http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/InstallingGCC

The libstdc++ sources are in the libstdc++-v3 directory. The parallel algorithms are in libstdc++-v3/include/parallel, they are templates so all the code is in headers. The small amount of non-header code is in libstdc++-v3/src/c++98/parallel-settings.cc

To rebuild libstdc++ from the top-level build dir go into the $TARGET/libstdc++-v3 directory (where $TARGET is something like x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu) and run make.

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