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I am going to create an application for monitoring tomcat . Is there is any way to get all applications deployed in a tomcat ( any web service provided tomcat for getting that or is there is any other way to find it).
For example: Input is http://ip:port which points to a tomcat server. i need to get the all applications deployed on corresponding url (tomcat). How its possible? But here my application installed on a different server

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if you are able to use JMX, then that is the way !, JMX is the integrated technology to Java standard edition that allows any application provide management and monitoring to its users , and of course Tomcat includes that.

you would do a query like


check this site

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You can read and parse http://hostname:port/manager/html page. It contains a list of deployed applications

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Is it done through programmatically without parsing. – Anish Antony Feb 19 '14 at 6:42

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