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I am deploying my first ASP.NET MVC to Windows Azure. After deploying the site is working and also the links within. But hours later if I check the links again it shows the following error:

An error occurred while processing your request.

I used the steps mentioned here.

Any idea what I am missing? Why is it working for hours and then throwing an error?

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The connection string is correct on azure ? –  Ofiris Feb 19 at 6:07
I think yes, because it worked for hours. –  oldsport Feb 19 at 6:08
It is an exception you don't catch and Azure won't display it for security reasons, see this tutorial about ASP.NET Azure troubleshooting: windowsazure.com/en-us/documentation/articles/… –  Ofiris Feb 19 at 6:19

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In MVC this error will show if any exception will occur. You need to debug your code via enabling trace logs or by changing parameter in web.config file so it will display the exception.

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It seems you need to check the error logs to see the full error message. Please just see this solution Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request

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