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I've got Nodeclipse (Enide Studio) up and running, and I can edit code and run a simple "Hello World" Node.js app from within Enide. However, I can't figure out how to import a Node.js project from Github into Enide and run it under the "Node" perspective. Can someone enlighten me as to the steps?

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Install the EGit plugin, it comes with several features like importing a Git repository to your current (Node) perspective. –  rlegendi Feb 19 at 9:39

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Correct names are Nodeclipse and Enide Studio.

This is no actually related to Nodeclipse project.

With EGit you can File -> Import -> Git -> Project from Git

(There is also Repositories from GitHub but I think it is worse than GitHub web UI)

If you already used CLI git clone, then you can nodeclipse --prepare from project folder. Then in Eclipse or Enide Studio File -> Import -> General -> Existing project inro Workspace.

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