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I have this class library project sitting in a solution.

My need is to be able to embed resources (all files from 'Resources' folder) into DatabaseResources.resx and compile it all into an assembly, on the fly.

enter image description here

I tried CSC and was able to compile it

csc /target:library /out:MyClassLibrary.dll  /res:ContentChangeLog.gz /res:CountryBillingRules.gz /res:Finance.gz /res:Instructions.xml /res:Language.gz /res:Masters.gz /res:wbs.gz /res:wbsList.gz 

But, MyClassLibrary.dll should be exposing these resources thru DatabaseResources.resx so that others can find it- MyClassLibrary.DatabaseResources.(resource name)

enter image description here

I couldn't find a way to do the same with CSC.

Any help appreciated.

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A DLL is a pretty miserable "database". Surely the real problem is with "others can find it"? Those others have to use the ResourceManager class, a notoriously fickle class. –  Hans Passant Feb 19 at 8:25
The XY problem - you have most likely chosen whrong solution to your problem. Ask about the problem, not solution. –  DarkWanderer Feb 19 at 9:06

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I guess what you are looking for is MsBuild.

a good explanation here - Some confusions about Command Line Compiler and MSBuild

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MSBuild was what I was looking for. Thanks Rex. –  Arpit Khandelwal Feb 19 at 11:43

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