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I have a user control which contains some controls and its put to a parent page.

On the click of a server side button in the User Control, I am invoking a method.

I need to pass a value when the above button has been clicked to the parent page's JavaScript function.

I created a private variable and its public property in the user control.

Assigned some string to the public property when the button is clicked.

In the parent aspx.cs page, I retrieved the value of the above property by the user control's ID in Page_Load and assigned it to a hidden variable defined in the parent aspx page.

Now, when I'm trying to get the value of this hidden variable in the Parent page JavaScript function, its coming as empty.

Any other method to pass values, first I thought of Session var's but then Session var's won't be effective in JavaScript.

Below is my code which I have tried:

UserControl ascx.cs page:

private string _button1Clicked;
        public string Button1Clicked
            get { return _button1Clicked; }
            set { _button1Clicked = value; }

public void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs s)
            Button1Clicked = "Button1Clicked";           

Parent page aspx.cs page:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
              hiddenButton1Click.Value = filter.Button1Clicked;   

Parent Page aspx page:

<input type="hidden" id="hiddenButton1Click" runat="server" />
    function PageLoad()
    var x = document.getElementById('hiddenButton1Click');//x.Value is "", empty
    if (x.value == "Button1Clicked") 
                        else {

Experts please assist over here. Any pointers will be highly helpful.



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Your hiddenButton1Click is runat="server". I think you need in javascript call it with '<%=hiddenButton1Click .ClientID%>' –  kostas ch. Feb 19 at 8:34
Let me try to add ClientID too..Thank you –  Anurag Feb 19 at 8:35
You are welcome :) –  kostas ch. Feb 19 at 8:37

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Try this in JavaScript

var x = document.getElementById('<%= hiddenButton1Click.ClientID %>');

instead of this

var x = document.getElementById('hiddenButton1Click');
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Let me try to add ClientID too..Thank you –  Anurag Feb 19 at 8:36

Your hidden ctl is runat="server" so if you inspect the page elements you will see somthing like ctl00_ + control id. So in your current javascript will not find hiddenButton1Click so you need

'<%=hiddenButton1Click .ClientID%>'

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