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I'm trying to create an application for modeling manufacturing resources starting with the factories and going all the way down to the small elements like "assemble screw number two". Obviously this will be useless if the user can't interact with the graph to show only what's relevant for them (showing all the small elements all the time would just be a mess) and this is where I'm lost. One can find many examples for generating a hierarchical graph, but none of them are interactive and "zoomable" in any way.

Obviously one approach is to generate a new graph for each level when the user presses a node, but this seems like a very difficult thing to implement. Besides, it would be useful to see the rest of the hierarchy too see what part they're actually looking at.

Anyway, any help in the right direction would be deeply appreciated!


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The questioner hasn't mentioned a client platform, but D3.js would seem to be ideal for this sort of thing if Javascript is an option.

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