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When I open a VBA-File directly with notepad or notepad++, I only see a bunch of weird characters.

How did I open a VBA-File:

  1. Unzip a *.dotm file
  2. There you'll find a file /word/*.bin
  3. Unzip this *.bin file
  4. There you have the VBA-Project Source Code
  5. Now try to open/view it with your editor of choise

Do someone know a way to view the source code correctly? Using dll or replace characters, etc...

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Which year Excel file is it? and what is it that you want from it? Do you want to export the code from VBA Project? –  vba4all Feb 19 at 9:02
What do you mean by a VBA file? Is it Excel-Vba? –  Bathsheba Feb 19 at 9:03
It's word and excel VBA-Code. We use Office 2010 but the VBA-Code was written years ago. But the code still works. –  arnie Feb 19 at 9:06
@ Bathsheba: I unzipped a *.dotm file and in there you'll find a file vbaProject.bin. Unzipp this file and there you have the VBA-Project. –  arnie Feb 19 at 9:09
@arnie start your Excel file and press ALT and F11, this should open up a VBE (visual basic editor) and all you need to do is to right click all the modules, class modules and userforms and export them to a folder. –  vba4all Feb 19 at 9:31

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The .bin is itself a Zip file that contains OLE Structured Storage/BIFF documents that are somewhat non-trivial to interact with.


If Word is available on the machine running your application you can use it's COM Automation features to export VBA Projects as plain-text files.

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thank you for the answer. I will check this out. This other two link I just found yet, maybe can help other people: 1. stackoverflow.com/questions/2297675/… 2. poi.apache.org/index.html –  arnie Feb 19 at 13:06

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