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I am writing a little program in c++ which creates an .exe which i then run by calling it with parameters in cmd. I want to be able to display output from the .exe into the cmd that I ran it from. I currently have this code which opens a new cmd window to display output which is close but not what i want. any help with this would be great! thanks.

DWORD NumberOfBytesWritten = 0;
WriteFile( GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), strLog1, lstrlen(strLog1), &NumberOfBytesWritten, 0);

Update: I have also been able to write to a text file using dir > log.txt in the command window when calling the program, is there a way I can change this so that it directs outputs to the console window? Thanks,

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My psychic debugging powers tell me that your build tools are configured to create your application in GUI rather than console mode.

If you reconfigure the build so that it generates a console mode application, you won't need to call AllocConsole or do anything special; you'll automatically be assigned to the console of the parent process.

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Your not wrong its a win app! Ill convert this to a console app right away as i cant see any reason for it being a win app. Seems like the easiest thing to do :) –  Mike Feb 20 '14 at 7:46

Did you try simple operations, such as:

std::cout << "Print me" ;


std::cerr << "Print me too";


(I hope I understood correctly that you want to print to the same console where you started your app)

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Yes i tried these and sadly it does nothing –  Mike Feb 19 '14 at 18:01

That question has already been asked: how to output to console in C++/Windows. Here is an answer that seems to be useful in your case: http://stackoverflow.com/a/587792/1728537

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I looked at this thread before posting, from what i read it requires using allocconsole, this creates a new console window to put messages in where as i want them to appear in the original window it is launched from –  Mike Feb 19 '14 at 18:04

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