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I'm using Google Maps Android API Utility Library in order to show several markers in a map in a clustered way. I've followed the instructions to make it work, as well as taking a look at the examples in the library, but I can't figure out how to show an InfoWindow when a marker is clicked.

I guess getMap().setOnMarkerClickListener(mClusterManager); is the one managing the onClick events, and if commented out, I can override it using getMap().setInfoWindowAdapter(new InfoWindowAdapter() {)); but I have no access to my custom marker object. Nevertheless, if I use getMap().setOnMarkerClickListener(mClusterManager);, I can't find a way to show the InfoWindow when a marker has been clicked.

Does anybody have any idea about how to achieve this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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You mean a balloon like this? stackoverflow.com/questions/3880623/… –  Tristan Feb 19 at 10:03
stackoverflow.com/questions/15899619/… Think this will help you. –  Tristan Feb 19 at 10:05
@Tristan the first link is deprecated. The second one doesn't work, since the method here is onClusterClick(Cluster<MarkerItem> cluster) and as you see MarkerItem is a custom object of mine and doesn't have the a showInfoWindow() method –  noloman Feb 19 at 10:09

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You need to extend the DefaultClusterRenderer class and override the onBeforeClusterItemRendered, attaching the title to the MarkerOptions object passed as argument.

After that, you can pass your implementation to the ClusterManager.


class MyItem implements ClusterItem {

    private LatLng mPosition;
    private String mTitle;

    public MyItem(LatLng position){
        mPosition = position;

    public LatLng getPosition() {
        return mPosition;

    public String getTitle() {
        return mTitle;

    public void setTitle(String title) {
        mTitle = title;

class MyClusterRenderer extends DefaultClusterRenderer<MyItem> {

    public MyClusterRenderer(Context context, GoogleMap map,
            ClusterManager<MyItem> clusterManager) {
        super(context, map, clusterManager);

    protected void onBeforeClusterItemRendered(MyItem item, MarkerOptions markerOptions) {
        super.onBeforeClusterItemRendered(item, markerOptions);


    protected void onClusterItemRendered(MyItem clusterItem, Marker marker) {
        super.onClusterItemRendered(clusterItem, marker);

        //here you have access to the marker itself

And then you can use it in this way:

ClusterManager<MyItem> clusterManager = new ClusterManager<MyItem>(this, getMap());
clusterManager.setRenderer(new MyClusterRenderer(this, clusterManager));
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thanks a lot man, you saved my life! –  noloman Feb 19 at 11:08
is there any way to define a custom InfoWindow to show, or you can only show the default one? –  noloman Feb 19 at 11:23
Sorry, to be honest I didn't tried that. –  rciovati Feb 19 at 11:29

I think you want to display the info window over the marker. If it is yes, here is the code:-

    Marker myLocation = googleMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions()
                            new LatLng(location.getLatitude(), location
                    .snippet("I am here")
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I think you haven't understood anything of my question. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear, but please, read it again. –  noloman Feb 19 at 10:18
you just want to show the info-window on marker click right?? As far as i can see...thats what you want... –  Atish Agrawal Feb 19 at 10:35

According to the documents of Google Maps for Android V2:

An info window allows you to display information to the user when they tap on a marker on a map. By default, an info window is displayed when a user taps on a marker if the marker has a title set. Only one info window is displayed at a time. If a user clicks on another marker, the current window will be hidden and the new info window will be displayed. You can show an info window programmatically by calling showInfoWindow() on the target marker. An info window can be hidden by calling hideInfoWindow().

You can show the info window like this:

Marker marker = myMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions()

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